About The Class

We are now meeting in my home - 11185 Mt. Carmel Rd. Senoia, Ga. In this course, students will have fun learning about art techniques from ancient civilizations - modern art. They will learn techniques in a variety of mediums including pencils, charcoal, pastels, water colors, acrylics, oils and 3D and 2D Design.  

About Me

Besides being an artist, I also home-schooled my four children. I taught art and drama in a fine arts school for home schooled students for 14 years and am so excited to offer this class.



WHEN - Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:00

                   January 9 - 15th

COSTS -  Spring Semester - $250

                  One time supply fee of $40.

WHAT WE WILL BE DOING: There will be a project list up in a few days, but we will be doing art projects based on specific artist and art styles from Romanticism art period through the Contemporty Art period using a variety of mediums. We will also be working on portfolio pieces for the older students.

AGES - 6 and up. Students will be working in the same mediums but will be working on separate, age appropriate projects.January

16 – Intro to the Romanticism Art History Period. Make color wheel of warm and cool colors.

23 – Students will decide which emotion they want to evoke in a landscape painting by choosing warm or cool colors.

30 -  complete project.


6- Impressionism -  Learn how to use pastels and create an impressionism work of art based on works of Claude Monet.

13 – continue.

20 – winter break

27 – Begin Pop Art – Create a  3D guitar out of cardboard and paint it  with a pop art design.


6 - continue

13 – complete and begin studying wire sculpture

20 - continue

27 complete


3- spring break

10 – tech week for my Drama Club so no class.

17 – Learn how to paint with oil paints. Complete an oil painting

24 - continue


1 – complete oil painting.

8 – This day will be used for  finishing any  project that was not completed.  If all are complete, we will have a project that will take this one class.



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Registration/Supply Fee - $40



Semester Fee Due by the First Day of Class


Spring Semester